Tavatiru Balamurugan Adimai's own account

"(Until that fateful day) I was not so fond of bhakti, but I used to pass by this way every day to reach my office work by 9 am. While passing by I would offer worship just like other people.

But on that 20th March 1968 I climbed the hill to have darshan. I asked the priest who was doing puja to burn a little camphor for aradhana. He said, "We have no camphor and no incense."

I felt like crying. I came out from the moolasthanam and went for pradakshinai (circumambulation) and worship seeing the Deity.

At that moment I lost all my other concerns and made up my mind to have a vow to make the poor sanctum of Rathinagiri to be as glorious as the Lord's Aru Padai Veedukal.

Then from my heart the inner feelings rose up addressing Lord Muruga, saying, "Oh, what a Deity you are! I heard that you have six Padai Veedukal where you enjoy pujas six times daily. All the devotees visit you there full of confidence in you. At those places you are as a Deity. Here also you are a deity, but what a pitiable situation for you here."